Nagoya - Jo (Nagoya castle)

Hasui Kawase


From "Section of Views of the Tokaido" (Tokaido Fukei Senshu) Lifetime printing. Beautiful castle scene in early summer. This print shows skillfully executed bokashi shading on the background and stone wall. Right margin has title "Nagoya-jo". Left margin has showa 7 nen 5 gatsu saku" (Printed May,1932). Normally this print has D seal (1931-1941), however, this print doesn't have seal. This is NOT a reprint or a later edition. I heard from publisher before, sometimes it happened entirely missing any publisher's seal in those days. Just Watanabe forgot seal. This print has minor paper toning from it's age with 2 drying holes on the left margin. If you know older Hasui print, you will see this print is old obviously from colors, paper, and texture. This print is not often seen on the market. This print is fairly scarce and difficult to obtain. It is very seldom to see this print on the market even inside Japan.

Technique: Woodblock
Paper size: 10 and 1/2 inches wide by 15 and 3/4 inches tall. (27 x 40 cm)
Sheet number: N/A
Date: Showa 7nen 5gatsu (May, 1932)
Signed: Signed Hasui with red artist seal "sui"
Condition: excellent condition for it’s age, colors are excellent. A pinpoint size ink spot in the sky as shown. Once tipped on verso (only top corners)