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About Us


Sakura, Japanese cherry blossoms, have inspired royalty, poets, artists, lovers and ordinary people for thousands of years. This iconic symbol of Japan has spiritual meaning for the Japanese people. The sakura itself is a symbol of life that represents beauty and the fragility of life. Inspirational, delicate, beautiful, spiritual, brilliant and timeless as is art itself.

Sakura Fine Art was born in Japan as a online alternative to our family's physical antique store in Japan. Over the years it grew to become Japanese-Closet which expanded internationally at the turn of the century. Sakura Fine Art is the results of us trying to more clearly define ourselves, our services and what we present for your consideration. 

I am Japanese. I was born, raised and educated in Japan. After college in Japan I worked at one of Japan’s finest department stores before joining our family’s business. My parents retired in 2018,  however, I keep open the Japanese artwork business from the United States because of my passion is ever-growing . 

We specialize in Meiji, shin hanga, sosaku hanga and contemporary Japanese woodblock prints, etchings, silkscreens, lithographs, and specialty prints. We distribute Japanese artwork all over the world and supply fine woodblock prints to museums internationally. In addition, we have this online gallery to present our customers reasonable and high end prints. 

To this day, we are driven by our passion for traditional as well as modern Japanese woodblock prints as we continue our travels throughout Japan every year, meeting with artists, their family, and publishers to discover creative and innovative artworks for our ever evolving collection. We are grateful for the opportunities in which we work directly with prominent Japanese artists. Our personal relationship have developed over many generations. Fortunately, we communicate with artists and publishers in the same language and Japanese eyes. Each print has an exclusive story behind it. Thus, we covet connection between the artists and the audience through art. We also try to inspire you with the beauty of Japanese artwork. Although art and perspective vary across regions, we would like to universally present the delicacy of Japanese art.

We are continually expanding our galleries and occasionally releasing items from our own private collection. Most items are one of a kind. Our inventory is constantly changing which requires us to update often. Several times a week is not uncommon. Thank you very much for visiting Sakura Fine Art. We wish you will enjoy our collection. 

Arigato gozaimasu!


Mt. Fuji and Sakura (Cherry Blossom)

We totally understand that it is always a worry for customers doing business with strangers at the other side of the world.
You will see some comments about our service from customers.

" Thank you again for the care you took packaging the prints - that is why I am coming back to you - you were extremely professional from the start of our transaction to the end. The two larger prints are my favourites if that assists in helping identifying something for me."
N.M in United Kingdom

"Always good to do business with a reputable and knowledgeable art dealer."
W.W in CA

"I appreciate the care you took in packaging my print. Thanks so much"
T.B in MD

"The prints arrived today, well packed and in great shape. I am very happy,
thanks again!"
B.F in Netherlands

"The shipment arrived today–beautifully packed and the prints are great!
Thanks so much–it's a pleasure working with you"
K.S in SC

"Thank you again for the friendly service and excellent packaging of the print - keep up the good work!"
S.C in United Kingdom

We really appreciate these warm comments to us.

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