Tatsumi Shimura ( 1907 - 1980 )

Tatsumi Shimura is our most favorite artist. Rarely seen in Japan and outside of Japan as Tatsumi prints are extremely rare, highly cherished in Japan and seldom sold. Tatsumi specialized in bijin ga - prints of beautiful women. He is most famous for his series "Five Figures of Modern Beauties". He says such a thing when Tatsumi was 70 years old. "Even if I get old, I will draw a woman to 80 years old, 90 years old. It is a Japanese sexy woman with sex appeal. However, it is a woman with the sex appeal that is never only beautiful.
If I draw beautiful woman with no sex appeal like a doll, then I have no sex appeal by myself. I don't want to draw beautiful Japanese woman like a doll. So I want to value sex appeal more to draw beauty woman." He has very similar spirit with spirit of Utamaro.  We want to try to introduce more Tatsumi prints not well known outside Japan. Please see and enjoy Tatsumi world with us.