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Katsuyuki Nishijima (1945 - )

Nishijima has loved Ukiyoe (woodblock prints) since the days of his childhood. So he became woodblock artist naturally. He walked the way to be an artist naturally without being at a loss after graduation in a school. Japanese people go to a place of work generally from a house and a dormitory, but he lived in a Hanga studio and worked there. He is one of few woodblock artists in Japan producing a print by the same manufacturing method and the same process for 300 years. There is no person is in print of Hasui or Yoshida. Nishijima said, "I understand if a person in print, this work is what time of this work." There is not a person in Nishijima print. His prints are fit without knowing the times even if display it in any kind of place or season.
A deep color (not too bright or vivid) is a characteristic of his work. We think his skill progresses every day. We believe Nishijima is the most wonderful and pleasing woodblock artist in Japan. He says " Anyway, at first I want everybody to watch my work because it is the world that it cannot explain by words."He does not like decorating his art or his world by a lot of words. He is the wonderful person who has strong and pure spiritual strength. We think that we can introduce him to the world very happy. His work will show you most Japanese spirit, Japanese culture and all of Japan.