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Kiyochika Kobayashi (1847-1915)

Kiyochika Kobayashi was born at Honjo, Edo (now Tokyo) in 1947 as a son of the lower class of the Samurai family, but when the political power of Tokugawa fell down, he lost his position, and since the time, his passion for art grew up.  On his way, he learned European method of painting by Charles Wirgman, and in 1876 he produced a new style series called kousen-ga (pictures in light), and the works caught the shifting brightness and the changing shadow and expressed landscape of Tokyo in the Meiji period poetically. So his works got high dignity and artistic spirit. He dies 69 years old at Tabata, Tokyo in 1915.  He is a pioneer of the modern original print. - Source: Suguru Yoshida -