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Keiichi Takasawa (1914 - 1984)

Takasawa Keiichi was born in Gunma in 1914. In 1936, Takasawa withdrew from Nihon University and then he studied with very famous artist Tsuguharu Fujita. Fujita strongly influenced him in his art life. In 1939 he won the Asahi award for his painting. After war, Takasawa started making illustrations for magazine. Meanwhile he also made woodblock prints with Kato hanga kenkyu sho and Yuyudo. In 1975-1982, he made illustrations for cover of Fujin Koron (very well known Japanese women's magazine). Then Takasawa became very well known artist in Japan. In 1974 and 1977, he had exhibitions in Paris. Now his collectors are located worldwide. I read very interesting story in old magazine, owner of a Japanese travel in which Takasawa stayed often said he brought his family one day. His wife was exactly same woman with his model in his paintings. She could recognized immediately his wife is his model. His wife was very pretty lady who has beautiful white skin like white porcelain and slender body like the model in his painting. Also Takasawa is very social. Soichiro Honda (Honda Motors) is his friend. Takasawa designed motor cycle in early times. Very interesting Japanese artist. I wanted to introduce this artist very much.