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Koji Ikuta (1953 - )

Mezzotint is one of the manuel noir (French."Black technique") copper plate print techniques. First the copper plate is engraved with countless fine grooves using a Rocker tool to make the black base. By then filing and polishing the grooves a half tone is produced. In order to make a print the plate is pressed in a press, a process which requires the skills of an experienced artisan. One of the most striking features of mezzotint is the deeply meditative black ambiance which is created. Koji Ikuta's work exudes crisp personalities. It is as if one is viewing a fine portrait. Full of soulfulness and humor the rich minute features which emerge from the darkness support the expertise and freedom of a master. Ikuta has exhibited widely both domestically and internationally. In recent years he has been particularly acclaimed in France and continues to release work there. Collections of his works are proudly displayed at: Arthur M. Sackler Gallery and many art museum of America, France, Israel, Poland, Egypt, Norway, Ukraine and Taiwan etc.