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Meet our artists

We are working with these Japanese artists. Click the name, you can see their works.


Hajime Namiki (1947 - )

Namiki is very popular comtemporary woodblock artist. His favorite subjects are tree scene, weeping cherry, dragons, and Mt. Fuji. His brilliant artworks attract us. They are absolutely gorgeous and dazzling. Personally I like his tree scene series which are very poetic. His collectors are distributed world wide. Namiki wants to show, "Beauty of nature" through his prints. 



Hiroto Norikane (1949 - )

Norikane is very popular etching artist. His favorite subjects are farm house, Mt. Fuji, and cats. Specially his "Shoji" series are very popular.  Etching is very attractive highly detailed art. Because fine lines are similar compared to a pen or ink sketching but much finer. Etching shows beautiful and sensitive details. Etching artist Norikane is very gentle, sensitive, honest and humble person. Etching art is perfect match for him. We can see his character in his beautiful works. An artist recognized by his peers for his devoted belief in ethics and the pursuit of art.



Kunio Kaneko (1949 - )

Kaneko is very popular woodblock print artist. His favorite subjects are koi, goldfish, tree scene, Mt. Fuji, Japanese motifs such as kimono or wooden getas.  He said he wants to express "LOVE" in his art work. He also wants to let many people know every "Mokuhanga" (woodblock prints) are made by hand in great detail. Kaneko wants to keep tradition (he loves Hokusai), however, he wants to create a new kind of "Neo Japan" art with global eyes which reflects world views. Very Japanese, but with a bit of a different vision. He wants to create something new with Japanese tradition. I am sure Kaneko will be one of great and important contemporary Japanese artists in history.


Katsuyuki Nishijima (1945 - )

Nishijima is very traditional style Japanese woodblock artist.  His favorite subjects are scenery of Kyoto. Specially his parasol prints are very colorful and very popular. A deep, rich color (not too bright or vivid) is a characteristic of his work. Nishijima is one of the most wonderful and pleasing woodblock artist in Japan. He says " Anyway, at first I want everybody to watch my work, because it is the world that it cannot explain by words." He does not like decorating his art or his world by a lot of words. He is the wonderful person who has strong and pure spiritual strength. His work will show you most Japanese sprit, Japanese culture and all of Japan.



Kazuyuki Ohtsu (1935 - )

Kazuyuki Ohtsu served for forty years as assistant to Kiyoshi Saito, a woodblock artist at the forefront of the Sosaku Hanga movement. Now he is one of very popular woodblock print artist. His collectors are distributed worldwide. He is a very gentle man. We see his very mellow and pure personality in his art work.  




Tadashige Nishida (1942 - )

Nishida is well known cat artist world wide. Nishida started as Nihon-ga artist (Japanese painting) first. Then later he became a woodblock artist. His first subject were landscapes and cats. His cat prints are very attractive and popular all over the world. Nishida said, "I work on woodblock prints all day everyday. I do not have a hobby. My job is my hobby" He is enjoying his job very much.  



Koichi Maeda (1936 - )

Maeda is famous woodblock artist. His favorite subjects are capturing different aspects of scenery. He use very bright colors and dynamic composition. They are just stunning. The Art Institute of Chicago owns a number of Maeda's woodblock prints. His work is found in only the finest galleries thought-out the world and prized by serious collectors.  


Tatsuo Kawashima (1939 -  )

Kawashima acquired his skills of carving and printing woodblock prints at very famous woodblock company in Kyoto for a long time (1950-1979). He started to create his own woodblock prints in 1980. His work is very beautiful expressing his skill from his many experience. Also he creates very peaceful Japanese village prints each season around Kyoto. He is very popular in Japan. His peaceful prints always warm our hearts .



Shufu Miyamoto (1950 -  )

Miyamoto is very well known Japanese woodblock artist and oil painting artist. His woodblock print resembles realistic paintings. His amazing art work inspired Japanese beauty. His favorite subjects are scenery with season. His art work speaks by itself. His technique and skill are just incredibly amazing.