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Kozo Mio (1923 - 2000)

Kozo Mio was born in Nagoya in 1924. The international contemporary artist (painter, printmaker, illustrator ) who broght new wave in a Japanese concreteness picture by a picture-like fantasy picture by the air brush tequnique. His artwork is very familiar in Japan, his artwork was used as the cover of "Focus" (very famous Japanese magazine) until 1989 since first published in 1956.  He was studying traditional Japanese painting at the Kyoto Municipal School of Fine Arts, he turned to oils and, in the early part of his career, painted in a fairly straightforward descriptive style. Soon however, he began to use air brushed, concentrating on creating highly distorted figures and confirming his tendency to express his vision of modern society in phychological terms. Kozo Mio received the Grand Prix of the Biennial International Exhibition of Figurative Paintings.
He is well known air-brushed tequnique artist (he created this tequnique) which air-brushed acrylic pigment onto the veneered surface of the canvas. His art work at displayed at The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto, The National Museum of Art, Osaka, National Gallery of Modern Art - New Delhi, New Delhi.