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Sekino's cute episode

Posted on March 31, 2017 by Keiko Sakura Fine Art

When I was reading an old art magazine, I found an interesting short essay by J. Sekino. Mr. Sekino was attending a big party. He was elated because a very attractive woman sat next to him.

He introduced himself to this lady, she replied with, “ I know you, Mr. Sekino you create many grave prints. You are that artist.” He did not expect this reply. He thought that she didn't know about the artist “Junichiro Sekino.”  It made him so happy that from then on he just kept producing woodblock prints with the grave subject. I read how his personality was cute and humorous. I was really intrigued and humored by this little excerpt from his life. It is very interesting to find out little things about artists that we might have never known!

Sorry, they are not for sale.