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Monochrome Series: Nishijima's new work in progress

Posted on June 07, 2017 by Keiko Sakura Fine Art

I will update some new 2017 Nishijima prints after I return. Nishijima already started to create new prints for 2018.

In addition, Nishijima is working on new monochrome black and white prints. He said that he started working on these prints three years ago. There are two sizes: small prints and oban size prints. There are no colors, simply only black and white. I could see his passion for this new profound project. I will introduce some samples below, these prints are still work in progress. They are very striking and neat. Nishijima loves Hakubyo-ga (white monochrome drawings); so he wanted to create something like that. He tries to accentuate very clean and neat details compared to other artist's traditional black and white prints like the blush paintings. They are very beautiful and very "Nishijima style." They will be published in next spring. 

I am also excited to introduce new black and white prints next year.