Sarasoju (Summer Camellia)

Shufu Miyamoto


This amazing woodblock print "Sarasoju"沙羅双樹 (Sal tree, it called summer Camellia in Japan) is by Shufu Miyamoto. The title is "Sarasoju"  (Summer Cammelia). Limited edition size of only 30 sheets. Very beautiful Zen garden image. This print just speaks by itself. Already framed and ready to hang on your wall. I took pictures with glass. Sorry, my pictures have some reflection.

Sarasoju blossoms, which look like white camellia blossoms and contrast sharply with the green grass on which they rest, come out in the mornings and fall in the evenings during the rainy season.  We can observe many Sarasoju (Summer Camellia) at various Temple gardens in Japan.  The short life of the blossoms touch the hearts of people and feel appreciation for the value of life.

Frame size: 26 inches wide by 20 inches tall. (66 cm x 50.8 cm)
Image size: (inside mat) 19 and 1/4 inches wide by 13 and 1/2  inches tall. (48.9 cm x 34.3 cm)  
Sheet number: 25/30
Date: Printed 2014
Signed: Artist hand-signed on the bottom margin
Condition: The print and frame both are in pristine condition  

Note: Framed prints cannot combine shipping with larger size prints (sheets) than frame size for safety reasons.