Ryoanji no Zentei (Zen Garden at Ryoanji Temple)

Kan Kawada


Amazing Stencil print "Ryoanji no Zentei" (Zen Garden at Ryoanji Temple) is by Kan Kawada (1927-1999). Very fabulous and perfect Japanese Zen garden print. Japanese title "Ryoanji no Zentei", dated '78, sheet number 71/82, signed by hand on the bottom margin. Kan Kawada was originally "Katazome" (Stencil dyeing) artist, however, he created many beautiful stencil prints like this. He is the well-known artist, especially outside Japan. Kawada's striking red color and dynamic composition are very attractive for his worldwide collectors. After his death (1999), his art prices went up quickly, also it is hard to find his small limited edition print. This print is only 82 limited edition.

Technique: Woodblock / Stencil print
Paper size: 25 and 1/4 inches by 19 and 1/4 inches
Sheet number: 72/82
Date: 1978
Signed: Artist signed "Kan Kawada" by pencil on the bottom margin
Condition: Outstanding condition. Extremely light paper toning on the margin and natural paper wrinkle on the bottom margin which will be easily matted out.