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One Hundred Aspects of the Moon - Musashi Plain Moon - - SAKURA FINE ART

One Hundred Aspects of the Moon - Musashi Plain Moon -

Yoshitoshi Tsukioka


Musashino no tsuki (Musashi Plain Moon) from Tsuki Hyakushi (One Hundred Aspects of the Moon) 

Very beautiful woodblock print is by Yoshitoshi Tsukioka (1839-1892). "Musashino no Tsuki"(Musashi Plain Moon)  from Tsuki Hyakushi (One Hundred Aspects of the Moon), this is re-carved edition from the Showa era. First printed Meiji 19 nen (1886).  Signed on the left of the image. This elegant re-carved edition is by Ukiyo-e Hanga Kankokai. Published by Nihon Bijutsuga kai. This reproduction set was sold only by the publisher in those days, not at dealers or bookstores. So it is really difficult to find nowadays. Copy right seal, Carver's name, Kentaro Maeda, Printer's name, Sakuji Tanaka on the verso. Selected great two carvers (Maeda and Okura) and two printers (Tanaka and Watanabe) worked on this project. It is a really high-quality print. The carving and the printing is faithful to the original. Just stunning and beautiful. Please see the details. 

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi(1839-1892) is very famous Ukiyo-e artist. In 1850, when he was 11 years old, Yoshitoshi was apprenticed to Utagawa Kuniyoshi, one of the great masters of the Japanese woodblock print. Yoshitoshi created modern ukiyo-e depicting warriors, actors, and Bijin.

Technique: Woodblock
Paper size: 10 and 1/2 inches by 15 inches (26.5 x 38 cm)
Image size: 9 inches by 13 and 3/8 inches (22.8 x 34 cm)
Condition: Pristine Condition. Flawless. Natural paper wrinkle on the bottom margin which is very minor and will be easily matted out.




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