Yukaezato (After the Bath)

Kotondo Torii


This "湯かへ里” (After the Bath) is one of "Twelve Aspects of Woman". Originally published 1929. This print is later edition by Aratama Kanko Kai (Foreign people call Ishu Kanko Kai). Limited edition of 100 prints published. Printed on the beautiful Japanese Washi paper with "Sanso" watermarked. Carver name, Shigeru Koike, Printer name is Yoshiaki Watanabe and Torii red seal of approval (copyright) and publisher red money bag seal on the lower left the margin. Under the box, Limited edition published seal. Please see incredible Baren mark in the background. Very Japanese in every respect. Perfect Japanese Bijin-ga print. 

Technique: Woodblock
Paper size: 13 inches by 19 inches (33 x 48.2 cm)
Image size: 10 and 1/4 inches by 16 and 1/4 inches (26 x 41 cm) 
Sheet number: N/A
Date: Originally published 1929. This print is later edition.
Signed: Kotondo's signature and seal in the image at upper left.
Condition: Pristine condition.