Mihara no sabaku - Oshima Ju-ni kei uchi ("Mihara Desrt of Oshima Island” from the series “Twelve Senic Places of Oshima Island")

Shinsui Ito


Published by Watanabe with black 6mm copyright seal in the lower left of the image. Normally we would expect a long copyright seal for this publication date; however, it is illustrated in the seminal reference book for the artist, Ito Shinsui: All the Woodblock Prints, at plate 83. According to the publisher, the prints from the Twelve Sights of Oshima Island series as they were hand signed and sealed by Shinsui, rather than printed in the block, necessitated only a single printing of the 12 designs from the series; 200 copies each. Shazaburo Watanabe would send about 20 or 30 copies of each design to be signed and sealed by Ito as needed. Another seldom seen print from a world famous artist.

Technique: Woodblock
Paper size: Format for this print is Oban tate-e, the paper size is approximately 16 and ¾ by 11 and 3/8 inches with an image size of 15 and ½ by almost 10 and ½ inches.
Sheet number: N/A
Date: Undated
Signed: Brush signed and sealed by the artist.
Condition: Overall good condition, light toning.  One drying hole high in the right margin. Minor paper crease upper right from the printing process.