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- Kanashiki Kuchibue (Sad Whistle) -

Tatsumi Shimura


The fabulous silkscreen print "Kanashiki Kuchibue" (Sad Whistle) is by Tatsumi Shimura. (Some people call the title "Top Hat") Published by Hoshida Hanga Kobo in 1996. This girl is a legendary Japanese singer and actress "Hibari Misora" (1937-1989). This limited edition was published as a memorial print for the 50th year anniversary of her entertainment life. (In December 1945 she made her debut)  Four different designs as one series. This is one of them.

These designs were created as special record covers for the 25th year anniversary of her entertainment life by Tatsumi Shimura in 1971. (Tatsumi Shimura was also a very popular illustrator). 

The single record of "Kanashiki Kuchibue" (Sad whistle) was released in 1949. Hibari Mirora was 12 years old. Same time, she was in the main cast of the movie "Kanashiki Kuchibue", it was the first time for her to play the lead role in a film. She sang and danced "Kanashiki Kuchibue" in a black tailcoat and black silk hat. She was adorable and her record and movie were nation hits. She became very famous since then. Her legacy will live on forever. 

Hibari Misora in the movie "Kanashiki Kuchibue" 

(Photo Source: Wikipedia)

Technique: Silkscreen 
Paper size: 17 and 3/8 inches wide by 17 and 1/2 inches tall (44 x 44.5 cm)
Image size: 13 and 3/4 inches wide by 13 and 3/4 inches tall  (35 x 35 cm)
Sheet number: 333/800
Date: 1996
Signed: Artist signature “Tatsumi” on the lower left of the image. “Hibari” red seal on the bottom margin.   
Condition: Excellent condition.


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