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- Wagō soga homare no Fuji (Harmonious Soga, A Mountain of Honor) -

Yoshitaki Nakai/Utagawa (1841-1899)


Wonderful woodblock print 和合曽我誉富士"Wa soga homare no Fuji" (Harmonious Soga, A Mountain of Honor) is by Yoshitaki Nakai/Utagawa (1841-1899). Yoshitaki was the most prolific designer of woodblock prints in Osaka from the 1860s to the 1880s. 

They are three sheets of polyptych (four sheets), Actor 実川八百蔵 "Jitsukawa Yaozo" as 京ノ次郎 "Kyono Jiro",  Actor 市川右団次 "Ichikawa Udanji" as 三浦之助 "Miuranosuke", and Actor 中村嘉七  "Nakamura Kashichi" as 根ノ井大弥太  "Nenoi Oyata" in the play "Wagō soga homare no Fuji" from 曽我物語 "Soga monogatari" (Tale of the Soga).  The publisher's name is  "八百善”(Yaozen), printed in Meiji 8 nen 3 gastu (March in 1875). Each print has the actor's name, publisher's name, and artist's name "Yositaki hitsu".

Artist: Yoshitaki Nakai/Utagawa (1841-1899) 
Date: Meiji 8 nen 3 gatsu  (March in 1875)
Paper size: 7 and 1/4  x 10 and 1/4 inches  (18.5 x 26 cm) each 
Condition:  Good condition overall with excellent colors. A hole in the image of "Kyo no suke".  There are a few other micro holes, but they are not visible and noticeable only when held up to the light. Please see the pictures. 


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