Wagami ( Hair Ring )

Junichiro Sekino


From "Series The Manners and Customs of Japanese Woman" Framed. (Original wooden frame with explanation paper). The publisher is Takamizawa publisher and Miyatake Honsha. Very bold and strong colors. If you wish, we can ship only print.

Technique: Woodblock
Frame size: 12 and 15 and 3/4 inches
Paper size: 7 and 7/8 inches by 10 and 1/8 inches
Date: August 1946 (Showa 21 nen, 8 gatsu)
Signed: Signature "Jun Sekino" and "Jun" in Kanji on the upper left of the image
Condition: Excellent

Note: Framed prints cannot combine shipping with larger size prints (sheets) than frame size for safety reason. We will ask for additional shipping charge.