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Shimoda Kurofune Matsuri (Black Ship Festival at Shimoda)

Masaaki Tanaka


Very beautiful silkscreen print "Shimoda Kurofune Matsuri" (Black Ship Festival at Shimoda) by Masaaki Tanaka (1947-). Sheet number 186/300, title in Japanese, and hand-signed on the bottom margin. Very beautiful colors and superb details. Kurofune Festival : Shimoda had been a harbor town long before the Black Ships entered its bay by Perry at the end of the Edo Period. Opening Shimoda's harbor not only to Japanese ships but to foreign ships as well. And allowing foreign ships to enter a Japanese port meant opening relations with foreign countries. Tanaka was born in Tokyo in 1947. He educated himself in silkscreen after learning woodblock printmaking and stone lithography, while making repeated visits to Europe and the United States. His silkscreen show Japanese Festival. His work is found in the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago, Honolulu Museum of Art and Albrecht Fine Art Museum. The Japanese government presented a print by Tanaka to President Reagan when he visited Japan. Now he is well known silkscreen artist.

Technique: Silkscreen
Paper size: 9 and 7/8 by 13 inches. (25 cm x 33 cm)
Sheet number: 186/300
Date: N/A
Signed: Signed with artist official red seal.
Condition: Pristine condition, never framed. Pinpoint size ink spot on the bottom margin which is almost not noticeable and will be easily matted out.