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- Odori (Dance) -

Toraji Ishikawa


Odorii (Dance) from "Rajo jusshu" (Ten female nudes) is by Toraji Ishikawa (1875-1964)  Printed in Showa 10 nen (1935), this print is later edition from original key block. Ishikawa's best-known prints are the series "Ten female nudes" from 1934. This print shows Taisho era's dancer (1930's), the iconic image of Japanese art deco. Very alluring and popular print. This print is seldom offered on the market nowadays. Highly desirable print. Silver metallic ink on the net. Watermarked "Ishikawa Toraji" on the right bottom of the paper. The Carver name "Yamagishi Kazue"(1891-1984), printer name "Keizaburo Matsuzaki" (1937- ) on the lower left margin. Please see the picture. This print has been framed, but the original frame was very old and broken, so I took this print out of the original frame. This print would be wonderful with a new complementary frame.

*This printer Keizaburo Matsuzaki was born in Chiba prefecture in 1937. (Showa 12 nen), so this print is the later edition from original key block. 

Technique: Woodblock
Paper size: 14 and 1/2 inches by 19 and 1/4 inches (37 x 49 cm)
Image size: 11 and 5/8 inches by 14 and 7/8 inches (29.5 x 37.8 cm)
Date: Ca.1935, this print is the later printing. 
Signed: Hand-signed "Ishikawa" with "Tora" artist seal on the lower left corner of the image.
Condition: Condition is excellent for its old age. Discoloration on the right margin as shown which will be easily matted out. Two small tape marks on the verso. Very faint ink spots on the margin. Minor color unevenness from a handmade process on the right knee portion. Otherwise, very fine colors and contrast.