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- Kino Fukei - E (Tree Scene E) -

Joichi Hoshi


Please look at his beautiful details very carefully. Absolutely stunning! Title "Kino Fukei (E)" (Tree Scene E), sheet number 16/99, handsigned Joichi Hoshi and dated '75 in pencil by the artist on the bottom margin. (Also Landscape of a Tree E and number at the bottom edge as shown.) Hoshi's limited edition prints are very hard to find on the market. This wonderful woodblock print would be great investment for your future.

Technique: Woodblock
Paper size: 31 and 3/4 x 14 and 3/4 inches
Sheet number: 16/99
Date: 1975
Signed: handsigned Joichi Hoshi in pencil by the artist on the bottom margin
Condition Condition is excellent. Minor paper crease on the upper left corner and faint mat line on the bottom margin which will be easily mat out. Once taped on the top corners of verso.