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Customs and Manners of Yearly Events at Eastern Capital May

Chikanobu Hashimoto


"Azuma Fuzoku Nenju Gyoji-5 gatsu" (Customs and Manners of Yearly Events at Eastern Capital May)

Absoutely elegant woodblock print is by Chikanobu Hashimoto (1838-1912). "Azuma Fuzoku Nenju Gyoji" (Customs and Manners of Yearly Events at Eastern Capital) this is re-carved edition. First printed Meiji 23 nen (1890) by Sonokichi Hasegawa. This elegant larger re-carved edition by Soudosha Publishers from a limited edition series of only 980 sheets and published on October 1, 1977. Still tipped to original presentation folder. Beautiful woman is enjoying the iris garden in full bloom. Please see beautiful wood grains and fine embossed. Perfect Japanese mood. Truly beautiful woodblock print.

Hashimoto Chikanobu (1838-1912) was known by several names, originally as Hashimoto Tadayoshi, then in accordance with naming practices of the day, he was later given his artist name of Chikanobu by his master Toyohara Kunichika.
Technique: Woodblock
Paper size: 10 and 3/4 inches by 16 inches 
Condition: Pristine Condition. Flawless, bright colors with fill margins.