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Study of Nude

Hiroshi Yoshida


This print was printed 1927. One of three nude studies in print by Yoshida. "Shusaku" and "Jizuri" red seal on the left margin. Title "Study of Nude" and signature "Hiroshi Yoshida" by hand in pencil on the bottom margin. Brush signature "Yoshida" with red "Hiroshi" seal at lower left. Yoshida's prints are highly collectible prints, however now extremely hard to find. Very fine impression and colors. Yoshida tried to use shading and making sure to look three dimensional. This print shows the influence of the western art world pressing into the distinct style of Japanese art. Very interesting master piece. "Jizuri" seal on Yoshida Hiroshi prints is the notation he used to signify that the block was carved and printed under his supervision and met his quality requirement. It is only used on lifetime prints.

Technique: Woodblock
Paper size: 11 and 1/16 inches and 16 and 3/8 inches
Sheet number: N/A
Date: Dated "Showa 2 nen" (1927)
Signed: signature "Hiroshi Yoshida" by hand in pencil on the bottom margin
Condition: Excellent condition for it's age. Typical ink smudges on the margin (mostly the kento mark) Paper has typical moderate toning for it's age

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