Yukimuro (Snow-room)

Junichiro Sekino


This rare print was published in Showa 21nen (1946's). The title is Yukimuro (Snow room) from Nihon Minzoku zufu (Japanese native customs). Two corners still tipped on the original presentation folder with title slip and artist's name on the back of the presentation folder. This print shows Snow-room (called Yukimuro or kamakura). Sekino says about this print. "I have a fond memory of growing up in the snow country. The small room dug into the deep snow had a straw mattress and a charcoal brazier, on which fragrant rice cakes were baked. The candle lights flickered and the stories were told: "There was a young woman in white carrying a baby waiting at the bridge around the end of the village. She asked a man who passed by to hold the crying baby for her. Then she disappeared into the heavy snow. In the morning, people found the man turned into an icicle buried in the snow. The woman was the supernatural snow maiden.(called Yuki-onna)"
This is Snow-room.

Technique: Woodblock
Paper size: 8 and 3/8 x 10 and 1/8 inches.
Sheet number: N/A
Date: 1946
Signed: Block-signed "Jun Sekino" on the lower right corner of the image. Hand-signed "Jun Sekino" with artist red seal "Jun" on the lower right corner of image
Condition: Outstanding condition for its age. Brown discoloration on the lower right edge of paper on verso. Folder has minor crease at the right side and some minor soils. However print is outstanding condition for it's age.