Yawahada (Woman after the bath)

Goyo Hashiguchi


Beautiful Bijin-ga print is by Goyo Hashiguchi. Published by Tanseisha. Very beautiful mica background and very nice colors. Goyo's signature, seal, and original date in the image at right. Carver name; Sadao Uetani, Printer name; Shigeru Sasaki, Narazaki supervisor's seal, and Tanseisha's publisher seal on the left margin.The nude body had never been a feature of the art of East Asia, and even the erotic prints of Utamaro had made their effects more by concealment than revelation. Goyo received a Western style art education. This print may be assessed as one of the first thoroughly successful nudes in Japan art. This print shows absolutely soft and silky skin after bath nicely. Truly elegant and beautiful.

Technique: Woodblock
Paper size: 11 and 5/8 x 16 and 5/8 inches
Sheet number: N/A
Date: Originally published 1920. This print is later edition (circa 1980s)
Signed: Goyo's signature and seal in right of image.
Condition: Excellent condition. Still tipped original folder.