Warrior Kato Kiyomasa (Masakiyo)

Kuniteru Utagawa II (1830-1874)


A unique Ukiyo-e print "Warrior Kato Kiyomasa (Masakiyo)" is by Kuniteru Utagawa II (1830-1874).  Kiyomasa Kato was a very famous samurai commander. The woman is cleaning his ear. He seems to be flattered under the care if multiple women. His expression is very humorous. This depicts that even the strongest of the Samurai has a human heart like a regular man. Very colorful and highly detailed. Very rare print. Ready to hang on your wall and enjoyed!  

Technique: Woodblock
Frame size: 16 inches wide by  20 inches tall (41 x 51 cm)
Image size: (inside mat) 9 inches wide by 13 inches tall (23 x 33 cm)
Printed: Meiji 6 (1873)
Signed: "Kuniteru hitsu" on the lower left of the image. 
Condition: The print looks to be in good condition. (This print is sealed completely as shown).  Framing is in absolutely new/pristine condition.

Sorry, my pictures have a reflection.

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