Shirakawa ( From 53 stations of Tokaido Road )

Junichiro Sekino


From 53 stations of Tokaido Road. Very unique composition. Printed on special watermarked paper, "Jun. Sekino". Title "Shirakawa" in lower right edge of image. Artist red seal "Seki" also in lower right corner of image. Stone monument says "Kokanseki" Very large size print. Excellent condition. Nice strong colors. This print has very spiritual mood. This print is hard to find.

Technique: Woodblock
Paper size: 21 and 1/4 by 16 and 3/4 inches (54 x 42.5 cm)
Image size: 17 and 7/8 by 13 inches (45.5 x 33 cm)
Sheet number: 21/128
Date: 1984
Signed: Hand-signed "Jun Sekino" on the bottom margin
Condition: Outstanding condition. Very tiny paper piece residue on the lower right corner of verso.

Stone monument "Kokanseki"

Ancient Shirakawa barrier is a historic place, and is located about 10 km south of Shirakwa city. It was set up in the 5th century. At that time, there were the different ethnic groups in northern Japan. But the Japanese government was expanding its territory to the north.This barrier was built on the main route for protection from the groups. After that, the Japanese government had occupied the whole Tohoku District, then this barrier had felt into desuetude completely. But some of heroes or intellectuals in various periods in history visited here, because this legendary site had been the only entrance to Tohoku District. Over time, the remains had been lost completely. In 1800, Sadanobu Matsudaira, the lord of Shirakawa Domain, confirmed the exact location by the study of various historic documents. He built a stone monument at that place. Now there are only the stone monument, Shirakwa Shrine built in 771, and some landmarks of buildings and moats.