Same komon ( Beauty in Traditional Kimono )

Keiichi Takasawa


Absolutely beautiful Bijin-ga print by Keiichi Takasawa. Publisher is Yuyudo. Publisher seal on the lower right margin. Carver name "Kentaro Maeda" and printer name "Ritsuzo Sato" on the lower left margin. Japanese title is "Same komon" (Shark spot pattern) is very traditional Japanese Kimono design pattern. Truly beautiful colors, details, and wonderful contrast. This print is extremely hard to find.

Technique: Woodblock
Print size: 16 x 21 inches
Image size  15 x 18 and 7/8 inches
Sheet number 364/470
Date Ca. 1970
Signed Handsigned in pencil by artist
Condition Excellent condition. Tape residue on the top and bottom edge of verso. A few minor ink smudge at the edge of paper which will be easily matted out.