Red Petal-White Petal

Toshikata Mizuno


"Kosen-hakuha" (Red Petal-White Petal)

Very elegant woodblock print is by Toshikata Mizuno (1866-1908). "Kosen-hakuha" (Red Petal - White Petal) this is re-carved edition of original kuchi-e first published by Bungei Kurabu which was a very popular literary magazine in Meiji era. Signed "Toshikata" with artist seal. Toshikata Mizuno studied the art of woodblock making with Taiso Yoshitoshi. His superb talent expressed his subjects with subtle feelings and the dramatic environments in most natural and elegant ways.

This elegant larger re-carved edition by Soudosha Publishers from a limited edition series of only 980 sheets and published on October 1, 1977.  Lightly embossed. Still tipped to original presentation folder. Flawless, bright colors with fill margins.  Wonderful Japanese woodblock print. One of Toshikata's more popular and recognized works.

Technique: Woodblock
Paper size: 10 and 3/4 inches by 16 inches 
Condition: Pristine Condition. Flawless, bright colors with fill margins.