Oshidori (Mandarin Ducks)

Shiro Kasamatsu


This is very rare self-published print, hand written Japanese title "Oshidori", dated 1974. Handsigned "Shiro Kasamatsu" and red seal at the lower of image.  (design, carving, printing by Shiro Kasamatsu) embossed seal on the lower right margin. Hard to find these old self-published prints and original first edition prints nowadays. Absolutely outstanding colors.

** Oshidori (Mandarin Ducks) **
Oshidori is symbolized "The perfect married couple". They get along swimmingly. In fact, for centuries they have been the model in China and Japan for all married creatures

“They are ever thoughtful of each other, always gentle and kindly in their manners, never noisy and quarrelsome, but quiet and peaceful.”
(Animal Motifs in Asian Art by Katherine M. Ball)