Natsu Yosoi no musume (Young Woman in a Summer Kimono)

Goyo Hashiguchi


Beautiful Bijin-ga print is by Goyo Hashiguchi. Published by Tanseisha. Carver name; Sadao Uetani, Printer name; Mitsuo Hashizume, Narazaki supervisor's seal, and Tanseisha's publisher seal on the left margin. Superb detailed carving. Very beautiful mica background, embossing to Kimono and very nice colors. Superb detailed carving. Eye-catching bright colors. How lovely print! Goyo's signature and seal and original date in the image at lower left. Truly elegant Bijin-ga print. This print is one of only 16 lifetime images done by Goyo. Absolutely beautiful.

Technique Woodblock
Paper size 12 and 3/4 x 21 and 1/2 inches
Sheet number N/A
Date Originally published 1920. This print is later edition (circa 1980s)
Signed Goyo's signature and seal in lower left of image.
Condition Excellent condition.