Natsu no Sugata (Summer Style)

Sentaro Iwata


This print was published by Watanabe publisher. Limited edition only 480. But no number. Beautifully embossed. Previous owner wrote tiny note " Sentaro Iwata , Natsu no Sugata, S50 (means Showa 50 nen - 1975)" on verso as shown. Sentaro Iwata was born in Asakusa, Toyko. He studied with Ito Shinsui and later worked as an illustrator. Mainly bijin (beautiful women) woodblock prints are known by the artist. Tatsumi Shimura and Sentaro Iwata were the most famous rivals. Very beautiful Bijin print.

Technique: Woodblock
Paper size: 12 inches x 16.5 inches. (42 x 30.5 cm)
Sheet number: N/A
Date: Undated. (printed ca. 1975)
Signed:Artist sign and red seal in lower right of image.
Condition: Excellent condition for it's age, Full margins. Once slightly tipped on verso. Very slightly toned or mat burn along the edge of image. (inside of image). Please see the picture.