Miyako Odori

Katsuyuki Nishijima


Amazing woodblock print "Miyako Odori" (Miyako Odori Festival) is by Katsuyuki Nishijima. Printed in 2011. This is a very famous Ochaya "Tomiyo" (1804 ~ ) in Gion, Kyoto. "Ochaya" is the room where there is Geisha or maiko. Noren cloth says "Tomi" from Tomiyo.  Very colorful and cheerful. The very neat atmosphere. Nishijima's umbrella prints are very attractive and most popular. Hand numbered, titled and signed by the artist in pencil. Artist's official red "Shima" seal on the lower right of the image. Limited edition of only 100 prints. Limited edition: sheet 20 of 100.

Technique: Woodblock
Paper size: 20 and 7/8 inches wide and 14 and 7/8 inches tall (53 x 37.5 cm)
Image size: 17 and 7/8 inches wide and 10 and 3/4 inches tall (45.2 x 27 cm)
Sheet number: 20/100
Date: Printed in 2011 
Signed: Hand- Signed "K. Nishijima" on the bottom margin
Condition: Pristine condition.  Very minor ink spots (pinhead size) on the left margin which is hardly noticeable and will be easily matted out.

Miyako Odori (Miyako Odori festival) 

This dance is performed by the maiko and geiko of Gion Kobu. The first performance in 1872 was promoted as part of the Exhibition for the Promotion of Domestic Industry, as a measure to promote prosperity in Kyoto after the city's decline as a result of the capital having been moved to Tokyo in 1869. Infusion of new ideas into this annual event has made it very popular. It is now one of the main events in Kyoto.