Hocchi no Sakura 2

Hajime Namiki


This gorgeous print "Hocchi no Sakura 2 - Gunma" (The 500 year old cherry tree, Gunma 2) is by Hajime Namiki. Printed 2014. New released print. Truly outstanding details and beautiful colors. This print is as remarkable as the tree itself. Signed "Hajime Namiki" with red seal, limited edition number 2/200, date and the title in pencil on the lower margin. Please see the details of tree trunk and flowers. Incredible delicate, wonderful shading and a great composition. This large print brings luxurious mood to your room.Absolutely stunning!

Technique: Woodblock
Paper size: 27 and 3/4 inches by 18 and 1/4 inches
Image size: 24 and 3/8 by 15 inches
Sheet number: 2/200
Date: 2014
Signed: Artist signed "Hajime Namiki" by pencil on the bottom margin.
Condition: Pristine condition, a tiny ink spot and minor paper crease at left bottom margin edge as shown which will be easily matted out.

Hocchi no Sakura, Gunma

This 500 year old cherry tree is a huge tree on the hill in Naka-Hocchi, Gunma, its age is presumed to be more than five hundred years, its height is 12 meters, and its trunk is 5.2 meters round. It is located on a hill in a small mountain village in Naka-Hocchi, Gunma, Eastern Japan.

There is Mirokuji temple for famous Shogun family "Tokugawa family" on same mountain. The local people can know when this cherry tree starts to bloom, it is time of rice seedling. People say "This huge cherry tree looks down on all the village". Local people respect and take care of this tree still now