Haru Kigae (Changing Kimono for Spring)

Tatsumi Shimura


This extremely rare woodblock print "Haru Kigae" (Changing Kimono for Spring) is by Tatsumi Shimura (1907-1980). One of my favorite Shimura prints. This print has a very genteel mood like a cherry blossom. A woman that Shimura drew is very delicate and elegant. And soft color adds precious and fresh atmosphere. This beautiful print inspires Japanese spring with cherry blossoms calmly.  Limited edition size of only 200 sheets. Carver name; Kentaro Maeda, Printer name; Ritsuzo Sato on the lower right margin. Large red "Tatsumi Kenin" seal in lower right margin reads, "Tatsumi seal of approval". Beautiful colors and amazing contrast. This print is extremely rare and highly desirable for collectors. 

Technique: Woodblock
Paper size: 18 and 7/8 by 16 and 1/2 inches (48 x 42 cm)
Image size: 17 and 1/4 by 14 and 1/4 inches (44 x 36.5 cm)
Sheet number: 50/200 
Date: N/A
Signed: Artist name“Tatsumi” and a red seal located in lower left of the image
Condition: Excellent condition. Tape residue on the verso as shown. Please see the picture.