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Amakusa Honryo

Hasui Kawase


Truly rural scene with beautiful "bokashi" (gradation of colors) shading. First printed 1937; this is a later printing from original blocks by the original publisher. Published by Watanabe with 7 mm and Watanabe "Heisei" Seal. Left margin reads title "Amakusa Honryo"and date "Showa 12 nen 8 gatsu saku" (Printed August 1937). Mother who carries baby and daughter are going home after farming in evening of hot summer, They look up sky which is getting red. Warm colors and mother & children bring very peaceful atmosphere.

Technique Woodblock
Paper size 10 and 1/2 inches by 15 and 1/2 inches
Sheet number N/A
Date Showa 12nen (1937); this is a later printing from original blocks.
Signed Signed Hasui with red artist seal "sui"
Condition Pristine condition, never framed and full margins.

 When I was child, I traveled to Amakusa (South of Japan) with my parents. We drove around Amakusa, Kumamoto prefecture. I remember beautiful sunset scene which we saw still now.