Senshi Bankou - Black Cat (Deep Meditation)

Tadashige Nishida


Very cute cat print "Senshi Bankou - Black cat" (Deep Meditation) is by Tadashige Nishida. Printed in 2010. A very adorable black cat is thinking so hard. Very humorous print. Outstanding colors and contrast.

Written in the box "Sen (thousand)- shi (think)-ban (ten thousand)-kou (consider)" means deep meditation, mature consideration.
To think and consider very hard, again and again, many times.

Technique: Woodblock
Paper size: 13 x 18 and 1/8 inches (33 x 47 cm)
Image size: 9 and 7/8 x 15 and 1/8 inches (25 x 38 cm)
Sheet number: 116/150
Date: 2010
Signed: Hand signed in pencil by artist on the bottom margin.
Condition: Pristine condition. 

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