"The Bera" From Pictures of Japanese Fishes

Bakufu Ohno


This is one of very popular fish series woodblock prints "Familiar Fishes of Nippon" is by Bakufu Ohno. Title is "The Bera". This print is from a series of 72 fish prints that were printed in five parts from 1937 and 1944 by Nishinomiya Shoin. This is a little bit later printing by Kyoto Hanga-in. (Nishinomiya Shoin became Kyoto Hanga-in, owner is same) Outstanding colors and nice contrast. Beautiful mica background. Publisher is Kyoto Hanga-in. Red round publisher seal on the lower right corner of image. Copyright seal on the bottom of verso in English and Japanese. I talked to publisher about this print, they said " This print was really great colors and printed very well, so publisher had been kept this print as great example. You would not see this print in outstanding, near perfect condition like this ever again" This print also comes with original explanation. (It is written in Japanese and English both)

Technique: Woodblock
Paper size: 11 and 1/4 x 16 inches
Image size: 10 and 3/4 x 15 and 1/2 inches
Sheet number:N/A
Date: First published 1937, this is a little bit later printing
Signed: Signed in upper left of image
Condition: Outstanding condition. Once rightly tipped. A few very tiny ink spots on margin which will be easily matted out.