Aki Fukei (Autumn Scene)

Bakufu Ohno


Bakufu Ohno
First edition. Carver: Kikuta; Printer: Chikushinsai and First edition "Shohan" seal on the lower left margin. Still tipped on thin cardboard. It comes with original envelope with title, artist, carver and printer name. However, this paper envelope is fair condition as shown. Genuine Japanese woodblock print. Very peaceful rural image of Japanese mountain village. Very strong colors and very fine impression.
Technique: Woodblock
Paper size: 11 and 1/2 by 16 and 1/4 inches. (29 cm x 41.5 cm)
Sheet number: N/A
Date: Printed ca. 1940.
Signed: Signed "Bakufu" with seal "Bakufu" on the lower left of image.
Condition: Very good condition from it's age. Slightly paper toned. A few faintest brown spots into image (sky part, almost near the edge of image) which are typical and hard to see. Please see the picture.

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